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How To Sell To Consignment Shops

For those interested in consigning, but unsure of how to begin, the following might help you and get a few things together and get started. As the consignor, you need to prepare your used furniture items for consignment so that you get the most out of your experience. The same preparation should be taken if you are consigning a high chair or a painting, an antique ring or a dining room set. Realize, consignment items are selected based on �sale-ability.� Don�t go in expecting all your items to be accepted for consignment. Shops will only accept for sale what their clientele will buy. 

Plan Ahead When Consigning

If you want to sell your used furniture or antiques, contact our shop in advance.  We can help you and save you time.  Nothing is more frustrating for you to arrive at our shop with your item in tow and the timing may not be just right.  Our consignment shops go to great lengths to make consigning easy.  Therefore, by calling ahead, you will learn about our

  • information on used furniture pick-up services

  • consignment acceptance hours

  • other special requirements

When you visit, you may consider bringing with you a picture of large items and a seat cushion from upholstered items.  That way, you can show us the condition of the resale merchandise.   Interested in learning more about our consignment commissions �

Make It Clean

Used furniture and antiques should be in the best possible condition when trying to consign resale merchandise.  Consignment shops may sell pre-owned furniture but it should not look used.  Furniture should always be clean, sturdy and preferably in perfect condition.  The price you will receive for your items depends on the shape they are in at first glance, so, spruce them up before you consign. Wax wood with some quality oils, tightening  a few bolts or touching-up with a bit of paint can really make a difference in pricing. Refinishing is NEVER advised for actual antiques as they lose value when refinished or touched up. Leave that for the experts.  

More Helpful Tips For Preparing Consignment Items

Need to get wax stubs out of a candlestick before you can consign it? If the item is not metallic and will fit, you could zap it in the shop microwave. Better yet, stick in the shop fridge. . . the wax will shrink just enough to be able to pop it out.  Beware, some wicks have metallic cores, so be sure to check first.

To get left-over adhesive off glass when you remove decals, labels or the like, rub the glue with full-strength liquid hand soap. Let sit 10 minutes, then scrape off with ease!

Does something silver need a bit of a polish? Use plain old toothpaste (not the gel kind) for a quick solution.

No Secrets With Consignment

Shops can be your best avenue for selling used furniture.  I suggest you divulge all the information you have on the consignment item.  An informed shop owner is a beneficial selling tool.  Regardless of the information being good or bad, give the shop owner all the information you have, hide nothing.

Follow the helpful pointers when selling consignment with used furniture or resale merchandise, and your experience should be successful.  Interested in learning how to buy used furniture at consignment shops �

Enjoy! Resale selling is an adventure. Have a good time!


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