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Why Shop Consignment Shops


Everyone has heard the term, "shabby-chic," by now thanks to all the different home decorating shows on HGTV and DIY. On show after show, you watch the upscale decorators  and designers raid consignment shops to completely redecorate rooms on a shoestring budget. Now it's your turn to get those stylish looks into your rooms at a tremendous discount. Antique furniture can reveal some exciting styles that you've probably not even considered. When you're refreshing your home, make it unique. Plus, at resale prices, you can afford to try a new decor! Then, if it's not for you, just pass it on back to the consignment shop.  Consignment shops always love new used furniture arrivals.  Learn how you can sell your used furniture to consignment shops �

Great selection with consignment

Furniture is always changing at resale shops. If you don't find it today, you probably will next week or even tomorrow. Do you know что такое консалтинг and how a new car depreciates the minute it's driven off the dealer's lot? Same thing happens in clothing, furniture, and equipment. It's common to save more than 50% off retail prices when you shop resale and savings of 90% are not unheard-of. Admit it, you love a bargain.  Look around your house.  Is there anything that you remember buying at a great price?  Most likely, if there is something like that table lamp that you bought for a super price, you will remember the whole story complete with the price. Your money gets you better quality at any price level. Why buy cheap when you can buy inexpensively? Resale prices are so good, merchandise doesn't hang around for very long even though it may be used. 

Furniture, Accents, & Service

Enjoy personalized service. Can't find anyone to take your money in a department store? Hate standing in check-out lines at discounters? Tired of trying to put together a look without someone helping you? Try resale merchandise! Most resale shops are personalized, warm places. Whether you're just browsing or seriously shopping, you'll get the service you thought was extinct. Ask the staff's opinion on any of the used furniture. Check out all of our shop's areas, used furniture, quality vintage antique furniture, and upscale resale accents, to find many of the great bargains that might be just around the corner for resale.

Merchandise Mailing Lists

You will want to get on the mailing list and the shop's request list as well, if you have a specific need. The best upscale resale shops send advance notices of sales, an informative newsletter, and even coupons to regulars. If the shop you love doesn't have a list, suggest that they start one. Ask about purchasing policies and "on approval" sales. Do they accept credit cards? Will they hold something for you or allow you to buy it on approval? Keep an open mind. Be flexible. Use your imagination. Resale shoppers are inventive and imaginative. Much more fun than letting some mega-retail conglomerate tell you what to wear or enjoy in your home, like they do at the mall.

Enjoy! Resale shopping is an adventure. Have a good time!

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Cabins To Castles Consignment Shop � 107 East Mulberry Street � Lebanon, Ohio 45036 
513 - 932 - 8797 or info@cabinstocastlesonline.com

Cabins To Castles Consignment Shop � Buy And Sell Used Furniture Or Discount Antique Furniture
Located in historic Lebanon, Ohio.  
Lebanon, Ohio is found half way between Cincinnati, Ohio and Dayton, Ohio.